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Shocking HTML5 Boilerplate Discovery

I was recently building a deployment and description site for an Adobe AIR application I am building for school.  Any site I turn in to Full Sail must have 100% validated HTML markup and CSS.  As long as the design is half way descent and the markup is clean, all is well.  In appeasing my need to use HTML5 because I am a cool kid, and bearing graceful degradation in mind, I was all jazzed up to use the much acclaimed HTML5 Boilerplate.

Paul Irish totally rocks so I was shocked when my incredibly simple HTML5 page with CSS3 did not validate.  Upon further investigation, I realized not only does the HTML5 Boilerplate site not validate, it has 92 errors and 4 warnings (as of December 6, 2011).  I guess I should be happy mine only has one error, but there are weird validation errors coming from that site, including the use of custom characters in the DOCTYPE declaration.  I concede that the validation I speak of is the W3C Validation Service, and that is not always necessarily 100% accurate, however the amount of errors is aPAULing…get it? Paul…appalling?  Sorry, terrible sense of humor took over.


Anyway, I am curious if anyone else has ran into issues with the HTML5 Boilerplate not validating and if so, is there any other alternatives out there that give us the HTML5 goodness we as web developers so eagerly crave.

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