better software through user-centered design


Zach Curtis loves creating software with an emphasis on the user experience and usability.  Web-based software design is a favorite past time, hobby, or heck even an obsession.  Nothing beats unwinding from a busy day at the office like writing a piece of custom software or a proof-of-concept.  Recently I have been focusing all my powers for User-Centered Design (UCD) which is incredibly interesting.  Every software engineer should engage in this in at some point so things like Lotus Notes do not get created.

You can reach me, or learn more at the following interweb hotspots:

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  1. Israel Guzman said:

    Hello Zacho.

    I am new to unit-testing and I am using angular-translate, but it breaks my tests…

    I have read:

    But still do not get it to work.

    I wonder if your be kind enough to share with me your test that got working.

    Thank you very so much in advance, and have a great day!

    Israel Guzman

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