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After playing around with Yeoman the other day I was pretty darn impressed. Ease of use and efficiency in web tools often forces the sacrifice of customizability and full control Yeoman offers all of the above. Once I realized how powerful it was and how cool liverefresh and watch works from the generated app, I wondered if I could use it to fire up my Express Node API server as well. It turns out, you can…

When a default app is generated using the standard method (yo webapp), Yeoman generates a Grunt file and sets up a working app that can be generated and running in seconds. It it not the typical Hello World where the first thing you do is tear out the crappy generated code because you have a better way. You simply generate and start building out your app…personal or enterprise level!

Once the app is generated the default Gruntfile.js uses connect to host the index.html and static resources. Express uses Connect under the covers but I wanted the routing and middleware goodness Express provides. It took some doing, but basically I use grunt to build and fire up my website, as well as startup up my Express API application at the same time.  Since Grunt is so flexible, allowing you to configure each task independently, locally it fires them up together, but in production grunt will do nothing with the API application as it will live on multiple servers behind a load balancer.

Here is my Gruntfile.js contents. Note that this is the default generated grunt file that I simple swapped internal connect usage for external Express app:

Next order of business is setting up Express to be an API only application that exports in such a way Grunt can use it:

You may call this file app.js but in my specific instance I am using app.js to start Grunt up within Webstorm.

Note that I used Yeoman 1.0 to generate the application.


So there you are, in under 5 minutes you could have a fully usable and ready for development frontend and backend api platform. Let me know what you think or any issues you see with what I found.


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