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jQuery Form Serializer

This serializer is an example of how we can use form elements and jQuery data() to manipulate page data and let MVC3 automatically bind it to the model. Note the compensation for MVC3’s handling of checkboxes and checkbox logic.

/// Walks through form and creates JSON object from input elements and optional data elements.
/// These objects are able to be bound to the view model by MVC 3.
Serialize: function (options) {
var returnJson = {};

this.find(‘:input’).each(function (i) {
var item = $(this);
if (item.attr(“name”)) {
//this logic compensates for MVC3 adding a hidden after every checkbox.
if (!returnJson[item.attr(“name”)] || (returnJson[item.attr(“name”)] && !item.attr(“type”) == ‘hidden’)) {
if (item.attr(“type”) == “checkbox”) {
returnJson[item.attr(‘name’)] =“:checked”);
} else {
returnJson[item.attr(‘name’)] = item.val();

/// Add data() elements to json object if exists.
/// You can attach data elements to the form to add to the post to get model bound.
/// Example: $(“#MyForm”).data(“ToPost”, {MyobjKey: ‘myvalue’}, {MyArray: []});
if (“ToPost”)) {
$.each(“ToPost”), function (key, value) {
returnJson[key] = value;

return returnJson;
}, ///end SerializeForm


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