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Last night I dropped my brand new MyTouch 4G into a pan filled with water.  I do not mean it got a few drops of water on the cover, but actually dropped the thing submersing it completely into a pan in the sink.  This happened mid-phone call so I promptly retrieved the soaking device, ended the call, and shut it down.  I instantly removed the back cover to let the battery compartment dry out.  Early I had complained about how difficult the batter cover is to remove, but to my surprise there was not a single hint of liquid or even moisture anywhere near the battery.

The build of the phone seemed like high-quality (metal cover and all), but you never know until it is put to the test.  If I had purchased many of the other wide slew of phone choices last week, I would be calling the phone insurance company and coughing up $175 for a replacement.

To that I say thank you HTC!  Not only is the 4G fully featured with the fastest phone OS available, but it is well-build with quality in mind.  Alas no more rickety phones with sub-par components to keep the price down.


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